Did You Know Snake Hats Are Even A Thing? 20 Adorable Pictures Of Snakes Donning The Cutest Little Hats Ever

Did You Know Snake Hats Are Even A Thing? 20 Adorable Pictures Of Snakes Donning The Cutest Little Hats Ever

Snake owners get creative with dressing their pets.

Trigger Warning: If you have a phobia of snakes or feel anxiety at the mere mention of them, reader discretion is advised.

Watching cute animals is perhaps one of the most soothing and joyful things most humans love to do. From giggling at cute puppies and dogs acting derpy, to smiling at cats that become spastic at the most innocuous things, and scrolling through plenty of videos of various animals donning adorable clothes and more, we can't help but feel a sense of happiness. But one non-human species that many might not expect could look downright sweet are snakes. This is understandable given that these slithering reptiles tend to inspire fear and sometimes even disgust. However, how does one feel any of those emotions when a hat is put on them?

In fact, there is an entire Reddit community dedicated to showing off their charming side by placing hats on top of their heads. Named r/SnakesWithHats, this Reddit community has made it their goal to share pictures of snakes wearing caps, bonnets, beanies, fedoras, and a lot more.

One of the moderators of the subreddit, DisasterLlama, told BoredPanda in an interview, "Snakes are such beautiful creatures! They are feared because they bite and some are venomous, but the same is the case for animals. Mainstream media perpetuates this fear as well. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think people who get snakes as pets recognize that these Noodles are no different than any other house pets, excepting perhaps that they don’t travel well on slippery surfaces. Plus they have great personalities, are adorable, and, as I said previously, can be easy to take care of depending on the type. They also make great long-term companions."

So let's see 20 pictures of the normally dangerous (and rightly so) snakes wearing a variety of hats looking, dare I say, cute :

1. Meet His Royal Highness

Source: Reddit | u/JGP_Miguel

2. This one looks like he belongs in a Disney movie

Source: Reddit | u/Freyu


3. She'd make a pretty bridesmaid

Source: Reddit | u/krp0484

4. Is it just me or does this giraffe look a little odd?

Source: Reddit | u/ClassAFag

5. This one is a unicorn and no one can say otherwise

Source: Reddit | u/ssalamanders

6. If Harry Potter was made with an entirely reptilian cast

Source: Reddit | u/eliteprephistory

7. Merry Chrisssssstmasssssss

Source: Reddit | u/ohmygodsun

8. It's the wild, wild west, out here!

Source: Reddit | u/thelordofshrimp

9. Well, aren't you a dignified little gentleman?

Source: Reddit | u/trevor9909

10. I'd definitely trust my food to this one

Source: Reddit | u/kyliedakat

11. All cozied up for the holidays

Source: Reddit | u/dickfromaccounting

12. When you just need to look pretty...

Source: Reddit | u/AromaLadyA

13. There can be only one sheriff in town, and it's clear who that is

Source: Reddit | Theman2481

14. When all you have at your disposal is paper... you make a snek hat

Source: Reddit | u/tiucisbj

15. This person bought a 3-D Printer for the sole reason of making a top hat for a snake

Source: Reddit | Grover425

16. Cupid has nothing on this lovebird

Source: Reddit | u/ohmygodsun

17. The best Yoda there is, I am. 

Source: Facebook | Snakey Python

18. This shiny darling wouldn't look out of place at a Southern ball

Source: Reddit | u/SadisticViper

19. Can anyone say Ghost Rider?

Source: Reddit | u/DisasterLlama

20. When even reptiles get into the sporty mood

Source: Facebook | Snakey Python



Cover image source: Reddit | (L) u/ClassAFag (R) u/eliteprephistory

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