5 Signs That You Are Or Were In A Relationship With A Narcissist

5 Signs That You Are Or Were In A Relationship With A Narcissist

The relationship will most likely be a toxic one and there are some clear indications for it.

Many people have a bit of narcissitic traits in them. However, a person with a narcissistic personality disorder is someone with a condition. According to Mayo Clinic, it is a "mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others." While many people with this personality disorder may live without it ever being diagnosed. Those who enter a relationship with such people may find it hard to get out of it despite the red flags.

You can check for the following signs to see if you are in a relationship with a narcissist. 

1. They always think they are right and almost never apologize.


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A narcissist has an inflated sense of ego where they don't think they can ever be wrong. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist and there is ever a disagreement, chances are they have made you apologize for something you did not even do. They will blame you when anything goes wrong, even if they were at fault. They have a knack for turning the narrative and never taking responsibility. You can try your best but you will never get your narcissistic partner to understand your point-of-view or try to compromise.

2. Your relationship revolves only around them.






Narcissists love to talk about themselves. They thrive off compliments and chances are they are with you at the moment because of your admiration for them. If you are an empathetic person, they will latch on to you and leech off your kindness. They will use you and once they lose interest they will discard you like you mean nothing. They may expect you to be loyal to them but may not even do the same since they crave attention and compliments so much. They will jump from one person to the next and would have probably never had a long relationship before.

3. You feel the need to walk on eggshells when you're around them.





Keeping a narcissist happy could be a taxing task. They will want things a certain way and if it does not meet their expectations they will tear you down with their words. They will be charming at first. They will then start picking on you, probably a little at first. It will come across as teasing even. Before you know it, they would have learned about all your insecurities and the once harmless jabs become hurtful insults. You will always be on edge around them, making sure you don't slip up and upset them. This can be tiring and will ultimately take a toll on your mental as well as physical health.

4. They gaslight you and make you doubt yourself.


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A narcissist is a master at making you question your own reality. They will feed you with lies and false scenarios. They will distort the reality to suit their agenda and make you question if yourself. They will convince you that you are in the wrong and make you feel bad about something you know you didn't do. This is typical narcissistic behavior. It is not your fault for not being able to see the red flags because they really are that good at being manipulative subtly. Even though you feel like something is off, you will feel the need to defend your partner.

5. They lack empathy.


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Narcissism is characterized by a lack of empathy for others. Narcissists only care about themselves and their best interests. The moment they feel like you have nothing to offer, they will be on their way irrespective of how you may feel about it. They will not understand your disappointment, your sadness, or anger if it has nothing to do with them. They will not be there for you or lend you a shoulder to cry on. In fact, if you indicate this to them, they will take it as a sign for them to leave you and move on. So chances are, you will be the only one who will be left with a broken heart in the situation.




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