6 Physical Signs Someone You Know Is Thinking Of You, Missing You, Or Trying To Connect With You

6 Physical Signs Someone You Know Is Thinking Of You, Missing You, Or Trying To Connect With You

There are signs that reveal you are in someone's mind.

There are times during the day when you start thinking about someone you love and wonder what they may be doing at that time. In the same way, you are sure to cross other people's mind. And it may sound otherworldly, but there are actual physical signs that someone somewhere is thinking about you. Well, for one, you need to have that emotional connection with that other person. Doesn't matter if it's a positive one or a negative one though.


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If a person misses you, want to talk to you, is wishing you well, you will be able to feel it even though they may be a thousand miles away. It manifests in your body or as subtle signs around you. It is up to you to take note of it. There are a few physical signs you will experience that will further confirm your doubts that you are in someone's thoughts. 

1. Sudden goosebumps


Goosebumps are a physiological phenomenon that we feel when we feel cold or when we feel some sort of emotional stimulation. You can also feel it if you are in a scary or stressful situation. But if you notice that there was no cold gust of wind, no cause for an emotional reaction, but you can feel the hair on your arms and back rising for no reason, chances are you are being remembered by a loved one somewhere. Goosebumps manifest on your body instead, as a response to someone's powerful thoughts of you or wanting to be close to you.

2. Dreaming about someone


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If you find yourself dreaming about someone in vivid detail or often, it probably means their thoughts about you have been that powerful. They may have been thinking about you for so long and missing you. Especially if it is someone you have not been able to get in touch with recently. Their thoughts about you and their wish to see or meet you could be transmitted as a dream message. Depending on the power of their thoughts, the dreams you have can seem so real. Of course, the dream can also be positive negative depending on what the other person was thinking about you. 

3. Songs or messages with special meaning

Let's say you suddenly come across a song that you and your ex enjoyed together, or a fun song that you and a beloved friend danced to, and their face or name suddenly comes up in memory. This could be the Universe reminding you of this connection and letting you know that they are thinking of you. If a particular message from a billboard or a poem has special meaning for you and reminds you of someone, this is also a sign that someone is thinking of you.

4. Sudden eye itch or twitch


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Unless you have a condition in the eye, feeling a sudden twitch or itch in your eye for no reason could mean someone is thinking about you. The more the twitch, the deeper the thoughts about you in the other person's mind. There is also a significance with regard to which eye is twitching. If the left eye is twitching in a woman, it means the thoughts are positive; if it is the right eye, then it is negative thoughts. It is the opposite when it comes to a man's eye twitch. The right eye is positive, and the left eye means negative thoughts.

5. Seeing a feather or butterfly


White feathers have a symbolic significance in spirituality. They not only signify angels and miracles, but they are also an indicator that someone no more or not around you at present is thinking of you from the other world. It's hard to miss a white feather when you come across it. In the same way, butterflies also have a lot of spiritual significance. If you are thinking of someone and a butterfly flies by you or lands on you, it could mean that it is an acknowledgement that the other person is thinking of you, too. While they may be common in some neighborhoods, when you see one and you sense a connection, it almost always signifies a spiritual omen.

6. Sudden emotional rush 


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When you have a sudden rush of emotion that you were not going through just a minute ago with no external stimulus, chances are your spiritual and emotional connection with a loved one, is stirring these feelings in you. Their sadness caused by missing you are being reflected in your own emotions. Even when the opposite happens, as in, you cheer up for no reason after having a rough day, it could be the universe's way of letting you know that a loved one is thinking about you and feeling grateful for your existence.





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