6 Signals Your Body Gives When You're Attracted To Someone

6 Signals Your Body Gives When You're Attracted To Someone

Our minds may fool us and make us doubt ourselves... but our bodies refuse to lie.

Often times, our mind tends to override what our gut instinct knows is right. We're constantly plagued with questions, but we don't realize when our bodies are giving us the answer. And this applies even when we're considering a new romantic partner. You might ask yourself a bunch of questions: "Do I like him?" "Do I not?" "Is it just a crush?" "Or, maybe, lust?" "Is there more to this connection?" "Is he the one?" While these are good questions to ponder, it is important to check in with your body. There is reason your gut is called the second brain—the most importat neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin, are produced in large quantities in your gut.

So don't dismiss the butterflies in your stomach as a random occurence, or the fact that your heart beats a bit faster when you see a certain someone. Your body is speaking to you. You just need to listen.

1. You feel safe when they're around.

When they’re around, there’s a sense of physical safety in your body. There is a sense of serenity or peace that is palpable. While you might be attracted to them, which causes a sense of excitement or nervousness, beneath that excitement, you feel completely safe. Your body is not tensed or holding back, and your energy and joy seems to flow easily. No matter how much stress the world puts on you, you notice that your body calms down and relaxes when they are around.

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2. You love the way their smell.

Just because we wear clothes and act civilized doesn't mean we give up the essence of our primal selves. Much like the mammals that roam the Earth, we, too, release pheromones that draw potential partners to us. It is one of the ways nature ensures humans find the right mates and continue to procreate. So if you find the smell of someone irresistable or makes you want to go closer to them, that is a big sign from your body.

3. You feel an emotional connection.

If you find yourself empathetic to someone you find goodlooking or charming, it is possible that the attraction is real and worthy to be explored. We may find many people to be handsome or pretty, but our body and heart don't respond to all folks the same way. Usually, it takes time for people to get attuned to each others' emotions. Long-term partners often know when their beloved is hurting. So if you feel a deep emotional response, that is, if your body picks what the other person is feeling, that is a sign that you are already in sync with their inner world.

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4. The thought of physical proximity delights you.

We don't mean sex here. If just the idea of holding their hand, taking a stroll with them, a friendly pat, or a warm hug makes your body feel warm and fuzzy, that is yet another big sign. Cuddling, much like a hug, can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress. So it's not surprising that you'd love to cuddle with someone you genuinely like because being in their arms can feel like coming home. This type of physical intimacy is also a sign of good compatibility. Observe how your body feels around them in everyday situations.

5. You feel a strong sexual connection with them.

How does your body respond when you think of them physically? Sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate between attraction and affection. While both are important, your body is the best bet to answer if you are attracted to someone or if you just have warm, platonic feelings towards them. If the thought of the two of you kissing or making out makes your body respond with desire, that sure says a lot more to answer the questions in your head. Or, if all you feel is a mellow, warm feeling of closeness, it could be possible that what you seek is more of a companionship. 

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6. You physically miss being around them.

It's one thing to miss someone, but if you feel a strong physical void or restlessness when they are not around, that is a cue of strong somatic connection between the two of you. That feeling of something being off in their absence is your body's way of telling you that they are worth pursuing.





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