7 Signs From The Universe That You Are In Perfect Alignment With Your Inner Self

7 Signs From The Universe That You Are In Perfect Alignment With Your Inner Self

If you are in tune with the universe, there will always be a way to confirm this. You can either feel it in your gut or the universe will give you a sign.

You may or may not believe that the Universe is always looking after your best interests. But it continues to do so, irrespective of what your personal beliefs might be. If you are in tune with the Universe, there will always cues to confirm this. Most of the time, you can feel it in your gut or what some might call intuition. You have the uncanny ability to just tell what the right thing to do is. Things seem to fall in place, or you find yourself doing things with a sense of ease. If you are not sure if you are in alignment with your authentic self guided by the wisdom of the Universe. you can always look out for signs. This phenomenon of synchronicity, when your being is in complete sync with your inner self and Universe, also leads to meaningful coincidence that occurs almost mysteriously.

Here are seven ways you can tell that the universe hints that you are in alignment with your inner self:

1. You see numerical patterns.




If you start to see receptive numbers like 1111 or any angel number, it is the universe's way of tipping its hat to you in acknowledgment. It can happen when you look at your watch, a street sign, a phone number, or a registration number. It would be hard to miss repetitive numbers especially when your mind is tuned in signs from the universe. So when you see a repetitive number know that you are on the right path.

2. You think of something and it actually happens.


It may be wishful thinking or a deep burning desire within you, but it is almost as if the Universe acts as a Genie and grants your wish. Something as simple as getting a hot cup of coffee or your favorite pastry when you "feel like it," is a sign that you are being heard. Someone might actually bring it to you and say something like, "I just thought of it out of the blue or I remembered that you have a sweet tooth and picked this up at the bakery." The universe has nudged those around you to grant you your wish.

3. You start hearing the same message in various forms.


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When you ask the Universe for a sign, you will get it. Like Bumblebee from Transformers tunes in to the right radio station to pick the right words to communicate, the Universe will pick many ways to let you know it's listening. You may hear the same song in different places or receive the same message through various mediums like a text, or a huge billboard. The coincidence is hard to miss, and the more you take heed of the message, the closer you feel to your inner self. 

4. Everything seems to work itself out. 


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When you try to manifest a new reality for yourself, it is definitely not going to be easy. You set off on that journey despite knowing this, and the universe lends a hand to let you know it recognizes your bold efforts. There may have been a dozen ways your plans could have fallen apart. But you keep moving forward without losing your cool or your faith that things will work out. You seem to find one solution after the other as the problems crop up. This is you, attracting the solution as stepping stones to walk into the life of your dreams. 

5. Your dreams take special meaning and give hints to resolve real-life issues.




The quickest way the Universe can get its message across is through your dreams, directly through your subconsciousness. You may see people, animals, objects, or whole scenarios in your dream. And you can't help gather personaly meaning from them. They somehow act as a metaphor to real-life people or events that need your attention. Or, it can be quite literal. For example, maybe you saw a rabbit in your dream. A few days later, you may see a rabbit on your morning walk. Or you may have seen a friend, who you have not been in touch with for long, in your dream, only for them to call you out of the blue.

6. You often see rainbows or butterflies.


Rainbows and butterflies have a lot of spiritual significance. They are messengers from the spiritual world often beyond our logical mind. Seeing a rainbow is considered good fortune. And spotting butterflies after you have wished for something could mean that your message has been heard and received. It could also be that when you ask for a sign that instead of an actual rainbow, you may see a picture of it instead.  

7. You feel surprisingly energetic while pursuing your passion.


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When you step out of your comfort zone, there is a lot of stress. This would typically drain you and make you tired, physically as well as mentally. But if you find yourself being able to go above and beyond your usual capacity, it is the Universe's way of saying it will fuel your passion. When you don't spare too much time or emotions on doubt, you are rewarded for it just the same.





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