7 Small But Meaningful Things Husbands Do That Foretell A Long-Lasting Marriage

7 Small But Meaningful Things Husbands Do That Foretell A Long-Lasting Marriage

Nothing will tear him away from you as he shows you that the effort he's putting into the marriage not only matches yours, but is 100% genuine.

It takes two people to make a marriage work. After all, they made vows to each other to stick together through all the good times and the hard times so that they can build something worth all the effort. So when you invest in the marriage, you expect your partner to reciprocate. Unfortunately, not all partners do that and some might give up as soon as they hit a rough patch. But if you're one of the lucky ones, you end up with a partner who is ready to match you in effort, affection, love, and respect that is shown for the bond you share. You'll know if your husband is that way when he engages in these seven small yet significant gestures:

1. He doesn’t just hear you, he actually listens

He is the one person you know you can turn to when you need to just release your pent-up emotions. But what makes him special is that he doesn't just hear what you're saying, he genuinely listens to your problems. And when you've finally let all your angst out, he finds a way to make you feel at peace again and ensures that you are left laughing at the end. Even though you know it's unreasonable, you feel loved when he takes your side. 

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2. He makes you his priority

No matter what, you are at the top of his priorities. He will drop everything to ensure he's there for you because you're that important to him. Others might say that he's only doing his duty, but you know otherwise—to him, you are not a duty, you are his love. He enjoys doing things with you and for you, even if that means canceling on his friends sometimes.

3. He values open communication as much as you do 

Like any couple, you two have probably also had your fights. But he makes sure that neither of you goes to bed angry. Because of how well he understands the importance of communication in a relationship, he does his best to prevent any misunderstandings and tries to ensure that both of you are on the same page so the same argument doesn't happen again. He opens up to you about his vulnerabilities and feelings (albeit taking a little time) and doesn't play mind games, proving that he cares enough to lay his heart out on his sleeve for you. 

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4. He loves bringing you simple joys

While grand gestures are great to keep the romance going, your partner recognizes the value of the simple joys and the effect it has on the connection he shares with you. Whether it's surprising you with a small home-cooked breakfast in bed, taking you out for a stroll in a scenic place, or even just popping by your office with a nice box of your favorite snack, it shows how much he cares about you. These small memories can keep you warm on some tough days. 

5. He loves and accepts you just the way you are

When he fell for you, he also fell for your flaws, your dreams, your quirkiness, and everything that made you... you. He doesn't expect you to change and enjoys seeing you grow as a person because it means he gets to be there with you. And he's confident in the fact that you would do the same for him and adores you even more for it. 

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6. He respects your decisions and is proud of all you achieve

To him, your mind and intelligence are things of beauty. In some marriages, your partner might love you but not respect you; but not him. He knows how hard you worked to be where you are and is proud of the fact that you're a mature, independent woman who has chosen to share your life with him. Of course, because he respects you he is also comfortable sharing his opinions even if they don't match yours. That being said, he will be the first one to celebrate your achievements and dreams and has no problem showing you off to others. 

7. He never fails to say “I love you”

They're just three small words and yet it doesn't get said enough, even amongst couples who have been together a long time. But for him, saying "I love you" in words means just as much to him as it does when he shows it in his actions. Whether he says it during a random time of the day or on special occasions, you can count on the fact that every time he utters the words, he means it. His love for you shines in his eyes and that makes the words coming out that much more special. 

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