Bodybuilder Who Went Viral For Marrying Sex Doll Has Divorced Her & Married Another Doll With The Body Of A Chicken

Bodybuilder Who Went Viral For Marrying Sex Doll Has Divorced Her & Married Another Doll With The Body Of A Chicken

Yuri Tolochko gained fame when his love story with his sex doll wife went viral. But he soon cheated on her and has now divorced her to marry another doll.

Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, went viral after he revealed his love story with his sex doll named Margo. From meeting at a bar, falling in love to finally getting married after the pandemic kept them apart, Yuri and Margo's unique relationship was a rollercoaster ride. 

When the couple got married in November 2020, Yuri seemed excited to spend their first Christmas together. Speaking of his wife, he said that "she swears but there is tender soul inside" and loves Georgian cuisine. As a “pansexual," he explained how he could fall in love with, “a soul, an image, a character, or a person. I like the process of sex itself. And gender, sexual orientation is not particularly important here," according to EuroNewsWeekly



However, tragedy struck and Margo broke (literally) just before the holidays began. After sending her off to get repaired, Yuri shared how upset he was to be alone at the start of the new year. But before long, he told his fans that he had cheated on her with a metallic object while she was away . According to the Daily Star, he had posted an Instagram video of himself caressing a silver object with small ridges while in his underwear. “Looks like I've got a new passion," he captioned the post. 



Soon after, he posted another video of himself with a chicken saying, "After the wedding, Margo broke down. You know that. I love a lot of sex, I love bdsm, I love weird sex. She always endured such loads, but then something went wrong. It'll be fixed soon. She's getting better. She will be home soon. But I'm afraid to break it again. I decided to find other sexual objects. I'm on a search right now. In different cultures, there is a tradition when a man has several wifes. It will probably be the same for me. Margo will be the eldest wife, but I will have other younger wives and husbands. I respect Margo, I love her. Therefore, I will not purchase another sex doll girl (Margo will be the only one). However, if someone gives me a boy sex doll and this boy is a copy of me, I will gladly accept. I will enjoy having sex with myself. Now I'm looking for items that can give me fantastic sex. You know I can get orgasms from objects and food..."



However, another news broke for fans that follow this rather bizarre love story. The bodybuilder revealed that he and Margo were no longer husband and wife. And he seemed to have moved on pretty quickly. Putting up a video on Instagram, he introduced the world to his new wife: "This is Lola. Lola has a woman's head, a chicken's body, the navel has depth and can be used as a vagina and a penis inserted into it. I'll show you this one day. I identify her as a massive chicken. Remember my chicken experiment? So then I really liked it. And I wanted such a sex toy. I also decided that I would have a harem (I also talked about this before). There may be many of us in our family. And it's a thrill. P.S. We broke up with Margo. I'm not ready to talk about the reasons for the divorce yet."



With so many twists and turns in this relationship, this story could well be made into a short series. Speaking to the Daily Star Yuri explained how he found the distance between him and Margo unbearable, so he eventually decided it was best to keep her safe and not rely only on her for sex.  "I don't want Margo to break down again. And that means I have to unload her. I decided that I could have several wives, this tradition exists in some eastern cultures. I am currently considering two options. I got acquainted online with another sex doll. I even decided to fly to her, meet her - she lives in Moscow. But they didn't let me out of the airport, because of the quarantine." Looks like Yuri, who is also an LGBTQ+ campaigner, is still exploring his options.






Cover image source: Instagram | Yuri Tolochko

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