Rare Mother & Baby Dolphin Seen Swimming Up Calm Waters Of The Grand Canal At Venice | "Beautiful and Rare Moment"

Rare Mother & Baby Dolphin Seen Swimming Up Calm Waters Of The Grand Canal At Venice | "Beautiful and Rare Moment"

Ever since the pandemic hit and people have been forced to stay at home, nature has been taking her rightful place again and providing us with beautiful sights.

When it comes to Venice, Italy, the gondola ride on the Grand Canal is one of its best attractions. After all, who wouldn't love the romantic ride along the canal as you pass by pretty houses that seem be floating? People flock to the boatsmen who give you a ride along the old city. However, the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, leaving the great outdoors for nature to take its rightful place.

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Recently, amazing footage revealed a rare moment of two dolphins gliding in the calm waters of the Grand Canal, according to CNN. The striped dolphins were a mom and child duo, who are believed to be hunting cuttlefish in the waters off the Punta della Dogana. This is just a few hundred yards away from St. Mark's Square, a popular tourist spot. 

Some people expressed their pleasant surprise like Luca Bizzan, head of Venice's Natural History Museum, who explained to The Times: "This is very unusual—they were clearly encouraged to venture this far into the city by the calm waters in Venice right now. They were probably drawn to the city by the number of cuttle fish —a lot this year —that enter the lagoon at this time to lay eggs." A professor at the University of Padua, Sandro Mazzariol, said, "It's the first time we see a mother and juvenile off St Mark's Square."

"It really was a lovely surprise—something unique and special, to see them and to think how close they had got to the Grand Canal," Luca Folin, who works for drainage company Eredi Busetto Giuseppe, said to CNN. His video of the dolphins quickly went viral.


Of course, such a sighting would draw a crowd, which meant the officials had to cordon off the area and warn people to keep their distance, especially those who were on their boats and whose propellers could hurt the innocent beings. For three hours, officers guided the mammals to the open sea after they seemed distressed. Cetacean strandings Emergency Response Team member, Guido Pietroluongo, said, "The traffic was intense, and we realized the dolphins were completely disorientated, swimming around in all directions, mostly because they were scared." Thankfully, the gorgeous creatures made it out safely. 

A local coastguard agreed that the moment was "exceptional" but told residents to leave the dolphins undisturbed if they returned. A statement read, "In case of further sightings in the lagoon, we would ask everyone to exercise the greatest caution, not to disturb the cetaceans and to report their presence to the coast guard. The dolphins did not appear to be in difficulty and after a few minutes left the area, reappearing a little later just inside the Grand Canal."


Folin said it was a "beautiful and rare moment... at a sad time. I uploaded it to social media without thinking it'd go around the world. To be honest, I posted it to give a nice greeting to my fellow citizens in such a sad year—but having the video go viral is nice because it means I've made others smile."




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