Family Killer Chris Watts Reconnects With Former Mistress Through Love Letters After Murdering His Family For Her

Family Killer Chris Watts Reconnects With Former Mistress Through Love Letters After Murdering His Family For Her

Chris Watts's fellow inmate David Carter disclosed that the duo are in contact since September 2020.

People who knew Chris Watts could never imagine him to turn into a cold-blooded killer. They were in for a shock when he  Colorado was found guilty of ending the lives of his pregnant wife and their two little daughters. The details that followed revealed he committed the heinous crime to continue his extra-marital relationship with his mistress Nichol Kessinger. According to the latest report by VT, Watts, who is serving five life sentences—48 years in prison, reconnected with Kessinger from the prison. 




After Watts was sentenced, Kessinger apparently changed her name and moved to a new place to restart her life. However, a statement made by Watts's fellow inmate David Carter claims she has been sending notes to him at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin. 




"He told me she said that she needed to speak to him to clear some things up. He wouldn't tell me exactly what she had said, "stated Carter, according to The Sun. Carter further went on to explain that Watts and Kessinger began their letter correspondence in September 2020. The man also added that it was Kessinger who initiated their communication. 

"He wasn't supposed to have any contact with her, but she initiated it by writing to him," said the man, who was released from prison in February 2021. 




Watts met Kessinger while the two were working for the oil company Anadarko. At the time, Watts lied to Kessinger about his relationship status with his wife Shanann, stating they were separated. Consequently, he started a relationship with her. "He’s a liar. He lied about everything," said Kessinger after Watts confessed to killing his family in 2018.  Following Watt's sentence, Kessinger was forced to go into hiding due to the hate she received from the public. 




Meanwhile, Carter also revealed that Watts kept a picture of his kids on the wall of his cell. "But there are no pictures of Shanann," added the man, according to The Sun. Speaking of his time with Watts in prison, the man claimed, "He told me he has nightmares every night, always the same, of his two girls standing in his cell playing catch."

Carter also stated that Watts discussed some of the reasons that resulted in him killing his wife. Apparently, Watts feared that his wife would end up getting their house in a divorce. He also thought it was best to get rid of her to avoid paying her child support. "I don't buy any of that though," said Carter, alluding to Watt's claims. 



Cover Image | Source: (L) Getty Images | Photo by RJ Sangosti and (R) Shanann's Facebook

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