Fat-Shaming Father Forced Daughter To Sign Lifelong Contract To Never Gain Weight | His 3 Kids Were Weighed Every Day

Fat-Shaming Father Forced Daughter To Sign Lifelong Contract To Never Gain Weight | His 3 Kids Were Weighed Every Day

The father is not just controlling, he was also abusive towards his kids, often throwing things at them and even strangling his youngest son.

We understand that some people are fitness freaks who control every aspect of their intake and exercise. But one man went a step further and decided to impose his idea of fitness onto his young dauughter to the point it becamse abusive. It was so important to him that she remained "fit" that he forced her to sign a "contract" that ensured she would never gain weight. And he wasn't afraid to control or even abuse her or his two sons to get what he wanted, a fact that has left him facing charges of child cruelty and assault, according to Metro UK.

56-year-old Rachid Khadla is a domineering father who made his daughter Amira sign a life-long contract that read, "I, Amira Khadla, will never let myself get fat. I will do lots of exercise to make sure I will never get fat, even until I die,” according to NY Post. To make sure she didn't renege, he weighed her every single day. Prosecutor Alex Krikler said, "The defendant was very conscious about his own fitness and diet, regularly attending the gym and eating healthily. His daughter’s weight was a constant issue. In fact, all the children would be regularly weighed by the defendant to make sure that they had not put on weight."



Rachid's wife of 27 years, Sarah, also shared that he had "quick temper," so could not stop him from doing things the way he did. But the torture didn't just end with the weight and exercise rules. He would often hit Amira with cutlery, punch her in the chest, and even threw a chair at her once. The 23-year-old woman told the court that when her father had thrown the chair, it had hit her and left a lump behind her ear. While with the doctor, she shared that Rachid had lied to them, stating that it was a football injury. 

Additionally, her "controlling" father made the decisions about what she could wear, whom she could visit and even what she was allowed to watch on TV. The young woman was "fearful" of her dad, who didn't think twice to call her a failure and stupid. The physical abuse wasn't limited to just Amira alone. 

According to Metro UK, Rachid had once been "aggravated" by Hicham, his youngest son, in 2019 while the latter had been doing some household chores. While cleaning his sister's room, the boy's father allegedly attacked him. Prosecutor Krikler said, "He punched Hicham to the chest a number of times and then pushed him onto his sister’s bed. He then placed both hands around his neck and strangled him for quite some time, five to 10 seconds, before pulling him up, punching him to the chest and walking away. Hicham had tried to say 'stop' but had been unable to speak. He could not breathe and although the marks left by the strangulation were relatively minor, the incident was extremely frightening."


The day before the family was to attend Amira's university graduation, Hicham seemingly told his mother that Rachid had "crossed a line." Instead of joining his family for the post-ceremony festivities, he spoke to his closest friends about the abuse, who in turn informed teachers. Before long, the police were called and the abusive father was arrested later that same day. Hicham also told the authorities that these were not the only incidents. 


Prosecuto Krikler informed the jury, "For the most minor of transgressions at home, he said that he would regularly get 'the spoon.' His father would make him put his hands out and would smack the palms of his hands with a wooden spoon. He also described how his father would push and punch him and on occasion throw things at him. The abuse was not just physical. The defendant would also threaten extreme violence, that he would 'splatter his brains across the ceiling and kill him.' His father would tell him that he was weak." The eldest son, Karim, shared his experience, too, at the hands of his tempermental father. 

He spoke about the time when he was punched so hard that it knocked him over, and he was just 15 at the time. The now-26-year-old has cut all ties with his father and family, long before the authorities were involved. 


Despite clear evidence proving his violent behavior,  Rachid has maintained that he is innocence and even went on to claim his acts were that of self-defence. The prosecutor said, "When asked how he would discipline his children, he said when they were younger, he would smack them on the bottom, but otherwise he said that he had never beaten or physically chastised them. He denied threatening his children or physically hurting them, saying that he sometimes shouted, but that was it. He denied controlling his children."

The trial continues. 




Cover image source: Getty Images | Photo by Siriwat Nakha / EyeEm (Representative Image)

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