Fun Test: The Way You Cross Your Arms Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality | The Answer Might Surprise You

Fun Test: The Way You Cross Your Arms Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality | The Answer Might Surprise You

There's so much your body has to say. All you have to do is hear it out.

Our personalities are never fully known, even to ourselves. Instead, it is ingrained in the nuances of our appearance and the subtlety of our gestures, the things we notice first in a situation, the way we speak and in the smallest, seemingly involuntary actions we do. In fact, it is in the actions that we speak the loudest. For example, droopy shoulders may indicate tiredness while a burrow between your eyebrows could mean you're thinking deeply. Similarly, even the way you cross your arms communicates with people in a non-verbal manner.

You just tried to cross your arms, didn't you? Perhaps wondering what it says about your personality. How do you cross your arms? Do you have the right, the left, or both your hands sticking out of your arms when you cross them? Here's what it may reveal about who you are as a person.

1. Right hand out

If you cross your arms with your right hand, you're inclined towards creativity. Often in your own world of dreams, your imagination is truly one to behold.

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But while you have a tendency to be creative and find beauty in the smallest of things, you are also grounded and have a fair understanding of human emotions than most others. You're usually the sensitive one in the group and your loved ones seek you out for the empathetic side in you.

Being someone who believes in the value of creating something beautiful, you wish to see others appreciate it as much as you do, and often inspire people to be more than what they imagine they can be. You encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.

When it comes to relationships, you're someone who believes in old-school romance. You're loyal and your love is much like a river, one that runs deeper than your partner's. As much as others might think that this makes you vulnerable, you're no wilting daisy and know how to handle yourself quite well.

2. Both hands out

If you sit or stand with both your hands out while crossing your arms, you're someone whose friendly, warm, and open personality makes you a charm to be around. It may also indicate that you're approachable, with a bevy of friends and loved ones for company.

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But as jovial and bubbly as you may be, you know when to be calm and gentle when the situation demands it. Your ability to be adaptable gives you the title of peacemaker amongst your circle of friends. You're the person that friends come to in times of need because they know they can unload on you and you'll not only keep their secrets, but also never judge them for it. Your compassion is moving and even strangers might aspire to be like you.

In relationships, you ensure you find a partner who can not only partake in adventures with you but also understands the value of those quiet moments. You look for honesty in your bond with them and despite your willingness to forgive, you won't tolerate a partner who takes you for granted or hurts you.

3. Left hand out

If you tend to have your left hand out while crossing your arms, you're someone who believes in the power of logic. Your intelligence is finely honed and you enjoy being practical. You like thinking for yourself and making well thought-out decisions that produce actual results.

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You are known for your pragmatic nature and it is this trait that ensures you can't be taken for a fool by anyone who underestimates you. You and 'gullible' don't go in the same sentence and your attention to detail is unparalleled. However, that doesn't mean you don't know how to let your hair down and enjoy the moment. Of course, only your truly trusted ones get to see this side of you and only they know just how silly you can be sometimes. This duality is what sets you apart and often even makes you quite endearing.

As for your partner, you like having a cultivated sense of routine in relationships. While you revel in the romance, you also hold more practical forms of showing love in higher regards, and value the stability that comes with routine. You want someone who will share the chores with you and aid you in a more reasonable fashion. But most importantly, you want someone who will respect your intelligence instead of dismiss it because if they don't, you won't hesitate to walk away.

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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