Woman Appears Live On BBC Wales With A Giant "Naughty" Toy On The Shelf Behind Her | "Damehood Pending" Say Netizens

Woman Appears Live On BBC Wales With A Giant "Naughty" Toy On The Shelf Behind Her | "Damehood Pending" Say Netizens

We've all had our mishaps on professional video calls. But this one might be the most spectacular one.

With the pandemic and the subsequent seemingly endless lockdown set in place, working from home has become the new normal for many. It hasn't always been easy, especially when you have no choice but to put your personal space on display while on a video call. And it can get worse if you unwittingly show others something that is better off hidden. And one guest who appeared live on BBC Wales fell into the latter category.

When Yvette Amos, a guest on the show, was seen chatting from what appeared to be a study during a discussion on unemployment during the pandemic, viewers noticed something rather strange on the bookshelf behind her, according to The Sun.


Perched on a large bookshelf behind her was a very visible sex toy. And once you see it, there is no way you can unsee it.

While it's become something of a theme to strategically position things behind them within the eyeline of the viewer in order to promote something or has reference to the topic they're speaking about, that was probably not Yvette's intention here. As she told viewers that people were being "passed over" for jobs as a result of the pandemic, everyone else's focus was on the top shelf of the bookcase behind her. The big, pink dildo was just... there. On display. For everyone to see.

However, it could have also just been a joke as further behind in the image, there is also a pair of bloody handprints on the door behind her. This suggests that this may have all been done as a bit of fun.


Well, joke or not, Yvette has quickly become a viral sensation. Some netizens have called for her to receive a "damehood" for her antics while others saw the humor in it and commented with their opinions on it.

One person tweeted, "This lady has just been live on BBC Wales News. I think she should maybe have checked her top shelf first!" while another said, "Was that on the 6 O-C*ck News?" One viewer commented, "Doing our country proud... damehood pending." Another person pointed out, "What a cock up.. .but in fairness she looks well happy."

“If a woman’s home alone in lockdown, she’s gotta do what she’s got to do,” one person responded. And as happy as she may have seemed on screen, she certainly brought a bit of laughter to those watching the news while the pandemic rages around us. It's moments like these that can help keep us the tiniest bit sane.




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