Man Gifts His Wife Dress In Small Size To "Motivate" Her To Lose Weight | Her Savage Return Gift Drove Home The Message

Man Gifts His Wife Dress In Small Size To "Motivate" Her To Lose Weight | Her Savage Return Gift Drove Home The Message

This husband tried to surprise his wife with a dress to motivate her into losing weight. Instead he is left with a taste of his own medicine.

There are many pillars that support the foundation of a healthy relationship and honesty is one of them. However, projecting one's unrealistic expectations as being honest can backfire. One wife decided to teach her snarky husband a lesson he would never forget.

According to Mirror UK, TikTok user Mike using the handle @mike_p_89 posts funny videos with his followers. In one such video, he told his fans how his wife had "gained just a little bit of weight lately." He stated that he surprised her with a gift with an intention to "motivate" her to drop the added pounds.

Source: Tiktok | @mike_p_89

Mike claimed in the video that has been watched nearly 17 million times: "What I decided to do was, for her birthday I bought her a really, really nice dress, but just a couple of sizes too small. I put a note on it that said 'I'm really looking forward to seeing you in this', thinking, you know, it might motivate her." What he didn't realize was that she would serve him a spoon of his own medicine to make him realize how annoying his sutble put down was based on unrealistic expectations.

Mike shared, "Well anyways, I came home from work the other day and I saw a pack of condoms that were way, way too big for me on the counter. It had a note on it, it said 'I'm really looking forward to seeing you in these.'" 

Source: TikTok @mike_p_89

Of course, this classic move made his wife a huge hit and garnered tons of attention and chuckles

"Well you did kinda deserve that," said one person while another wrote, "Your wife is a QUEEN." Another person rightly said, "You messed with the wrong person." However, while many saw the humor in the situation and figured that Mike was most likely joking, there were viewers who were upset by his actions.


One asked, "Why would you do this?" while another elaborated saying, "You hurt her feelings. You should love her no matter if she'd gained weight, just like she'd loved you."

Of course, this isn't the first time women have been savage in putting their partners in place.  TikTok user Emely who holds the handle @Lovetruthink found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her with three women and confronted him about it, though he kept denying the fact. So she decided enough was enough and their relationship was over, according to Mirror UK. However, before leaving him, she had one more plan up her sleeve. She took printouts of all the text messages he had sent to the women he was cheating with and superglued them to his wall, giving his room "some lovely new wallpaper."




She had even covered the mirror saying he "probably won't be able to look at himself after this. Now any girl who come over will know he’s a cheater." Once he saw the surprise she left for him, he called her to deny everything but "never once apologized," Emely said. 






Cover image source: TikTok | @mike_p_89




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