Men, Before You Fall In Love With A Strong Woman, You Need To Watch Out For These 6 Things

Men, Before You Fall In Love With A Strong Woman, You Need To Watch Out For These 6 Things

Treating her with the respect and love she deserves can open up a whole new world—her world—and you won't regret it.

When she walks into a room, you can almost see the aura of confidence surrounding her. When you start getting to know her, it's never enough because being with her brings such excitement. When you realize that she's a strong woman, you know that getting with her is a challenge and keeping her is an even bigger one. But once you do have her, she'll be worth it. 

However, there are certain things you need to understand about her if you want her in your life because a strong woman isn't going to change herself for anyone and she definitely isn't going to settle for less than what she needs from a partner and a relationship. So if you feel intimidated by her, losing her becomes that much easier. “It is tougher because it takes a very confident man who probably isn't on the same rung of the corporate ladder, not to be intimidated. Very ambitious and very capable women are still very scary for the majority of men,” said Katja Rembrandt, dating coach and owner of Dinner for Two, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. And this doesn't just apply to the corporate world.

This is what you can expect when you're with a strong woman:

1. She'll see right through your excuses so don't even try.

Every single one of her hardships and heartbreaks has taught her something valuable. She's been through the pain of mind games before and at one point, she stood up for herself and said, "no more." So any excuses or lies that you try to throw her way will backfire on you because she might either call you out on it or pretend she believes you but walks away. If you break her trust, you might just never see her again. 

2. She's proud of her independence & that shouldn't threaten you. 

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Her independence is part of what defines her as a person and lends to her strength. Gone are the days when people, whether family or friends, tell her what to do. Now, anyone who tries to shatter her spirit will see said spirit come out in full force and they will regret it. So don't expect her to ask for help in the relationship. She may lean on you for support but she'll expect to handle her hurdles herself. If you try to control her, she's definitely not going to take it sitting. All she expects is for you to respect her choices, especially when she does the same for you. 

3. She wants commitment and communication; are you ready for both?

When it comes to you, she wants to know whether you're all in or all out. She's done with flings and casual relationships and now she is ready to be properly committed to. If you can't handle that, then don't waste her time with false promises or lead her on. Because when she knows you're in 100%, you'll see an entirely new passionate side erupt and it's something only the most special people in her life get to see. Her emotions, however intense, will be expressed openly and entrusted to you. She'll hope that you will reciprocate in being honest, no matter what. It's what will help make your needs her own and ensure there is the right balance of give and take between you two. 

4. She isn't going to change herself to fit your definition of "perfect."

It took her plenty of experiences to finally figure out who she is as a person and now that she has, she isn't going to change herself to fit the norms that society has dictated. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, regardless of what others think. So when you make that commitment to her, you also have to understand that trying to bend her will only break her and she won't allow it. Besides, chances are she doesn't believe in "perfect." She accepts and loves people just the way they are. After all, she fell in love with you too, flaws and all. All she asks is for you to offer her the same courtesy. 

5. She may have a tough exterior, but you'll see another side to her when you treat her right.

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A strong woman is one who doesn't break apart easily, no matter how much pain she has to endure. With a calm and composed face on, she takes it on the chin and to others, it might seem like it makes her unapproachable. But when you treat her right, you'll see that below that exterior lies a warm, loving, and adventurous heart. You won't have a dull moment in the relationship because her spontaneous side will keep you smiling and on your toes. Love her right and you'll see just how beautiful a relationship looks when you're with her. 

6. She loves you for who you are, not what you have.

She's already seen through the face you put up for others and she's seen your flaws. She's also seen how you are with her and she will love you just as you are, especially when you do the same for her. She just wants both of you to be equals and make a relationship with you where both your desires and needs are addressed and respected. When you get into a relationship with a strong woman, you'll feel yourself wanting to be more and give more... for her. When you treat her right, you could spend a lifetime with her and never feel the love you two have ever even sputtering. She will make forever feel like one hell of an amazing journey. 

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