Nicole Kidman Was Barred From Attending Her Son Connor's Wedding By Ex Tom: "The Cruise Kids Had No Choice"

Nicole Kidman Was Barred From Attending Her Son Connor's Wedding By Ex Tom: "The Cruise Kids Had No Choice"

It was speculated that the couple's kids were turned against their mother, under the influence of Scientology after their divorce.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met on the sets of the 1990-film Days of Thunder. They got married after a whirlwind romance and became Hollywood's power couple for the next 11 years. During their marriage, they adopted two children daughter Isabella, who is now 28, and son Connor, now 26. Their divorce announcement in 2001 came as a shock to everyone. Cruise got full custody of the children. He raised the children under guidance of the Church of Scientology. The Mission Impossible star is known as a devout Scientologist himself. It was speculated that the kids were turned against their mother, under the influence of Scientology.




For years, Kidman was never seen with her children publicly. “I’m very private about all that. I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is,” she had said WHO Magazine about her eldest children. “They are adults. They are able to make their own decisions. They have made choices to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s my job to love them." Years later, when Connor was all set to marry his Italian girlfriend, Silvia Zanchi, he was not allowed to invite Kidman to his wedding.




An insider revealed to Radar Online that Cruise had barred his son from inviting his mother to the wedding. "Tom is behind this and what he wants is as good as law," the source stated, "Tom made the call and Connor followed. Connor worships the ground his father walks on and would never disobey Tom." The insider went on to say, "First, Tom would never even consider inviting Nicole to Connor's wedding because she's considered a 'suppressive person' by the church — and, second, he doesn't want her there. Tom turned his back on Nicole a long time ago and he's never looked back."




According to the Scientology website, a Suppressive Person (SP) is said to be "a person who seeks to suppress other people in their vicinity, will goof up or vilify any effort to help anybody and particularly knife with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or more intelligent." It is linked to anti-social personality, and it goes on to list people like Hitler and Napolean as SP. People wonder if Kidman was probably categorized as an SP because she never embraced the principles of Scientology. Sam Domingo even attested to the fact that the church indoctrinated Cruise's children to hate Kidman after the split.




"Isabella's being used for PR, she's Tom Cruise's kid, it's not fair what they're doing to her and Connor," Domingo said in an interview with the Daily Mail. "They have no choice but to be the poster kids of Scientology now." The kids were isolated in "boot camps," where they were closely monitored and taught that their mother was an SP. "I know what techniques they used...I know what the second-in-command at the time Marty Rathbun did, he was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice. After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated," Domingo explained.




Kidman moved on to marry singer/songwriter Keith Urban in 2006. Together, they have two daughters: Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 10. At the 2017 Emmys, Kidman omitted her adopted kids when she thanked her family in her acceptance speech. The internet was abuzz with this, further raising eyebrows about their fall-out. Connor had previously rubbished these claims and stated, "I love my mum. I don't care what people say, I know that I and Mum are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything." He added. "Yeah, I love my music, but the family comes before everything else."

Kidman was not seen at her daughter's wedding either. But her children were invited to her wedding in 2006 and were seen leaving with her as well, as per Evening Standard.  Cruise married Katie Holmes the same year and has a daughter, Suri, with her. He was with Holmes for six years before they parted ways.











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