Pick Your Favorite Wolf And It Reveals The True Nature Of Your Soul

Pick Your Favorite Wolf And It Reveals The True Nature Of Your Soul

Wolves spiritually symbolize freedom, strife, instinct, and intelligence. Pick among the black, grey, or white wolf to see what it says about you.

Wolves are fierce and majestic animals. They are intelligent beings who work well in their packs as well as thrive on their own as well. In the wild, wolves are known for their loyalty and adherence to the hierarchy of their pack, led by a leader. They are a close relative to domesticated dogs. Wolves have earned a notorious reputation for being bloodthirsty and ferocious even though they almost never attack humans, but are known for attacking domesticated animals, according to National Geographic. But they have a lot of spiritual meaning in almost every traditional culture from around the world. 


Nordic culture, Native American folklore, Japanese mythology among many others have attached a spiritual significance to wolves. Odin, the one-eyed Norse god has pet wolves. Native Americans named the Full Moon of January after the Wolf since the howling of wolves was often heard at this time of year. In Japanese culture, wolves were thought to be the personification of the wild and also believed to have magical powers, as per Folklore Thursday. Spiritually, wolves are thought to symbolize freedom, strife, instinct, and intelligence. Take a pick among the black, grey, or white wolf. The wolf you pick may say a lot about the type of person you are.

The White Wolf

The White Wolf is also known as the Arctic Wolf. This type of wolf is intelligent and strong. It not only manages to brave the freezing Arctic cold but also thrives in it. The fluffy white fur of the wolf may make it seem soft and meek but it anything but that. If you chose the White Wolf, you are the sort of person who may come across as shy and subdued, much like these stunning creatures. Despite your reserved nature, you have a way of winning people's hearts with your charm and authenticity.


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You try to avoid drawing attention to yourself as much as possible. You prefer to observe from the backgrounds and have a low-key presence, just like the White Wolf camouflaging with the snow vying for the right time to make its presence known. People who are pretentious, loud, and hypocritical put you off. Even though you are smart and opinionated, you keep to yourself much of your thoughts and instead focus on learning from those around you. Not even your closest friends or family know what goes on inside your head and heart. Even though you do not seek attention of any kind, it finds you anyway because of the aura you possess. 

The Black Wolf

The Black Wolf is a lone wolf that moves around in the wild like a formidable shadow. Much like the mysterious wolf, you find yourself fighting inner battles all by yourself. But no matter the strife, you always come out of it stronger than before. Having fought your demons that have made you tougher and more resilient, you understand that extending kindness to others is very important. This makes people in your life treasure you. 


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You are a born leader who may seem tough on the outside but has a very soft heart. This duality is what motivates you to help people in need. You do not mind standing out and refuse to conform to others' standards. The principles you hold on to are something that you can never betray and these strong convictions may sometimes isolate you from those who do not mind compromising. People may mistake this for arrogance but you would rather walk the lonely path than bend your beliefs.  

The Gray Wolf

Gray wolves are the closest relatives there are of domesticated dogs. If you chose the gray wolf, chances are that you are a very loyal person. Gray wolves are attached to their packs and will do anything to protect each other. Much like this, you are someone who would do anything to protect your loved ones. You do not want to see your loved ones hurt and will make sure to protect them fiercely. You have the traits of the White and Black Wolves and this helps you maintain a good balance when it comes to doing things right.


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You are not only observant, but you will also voice out your opinions without being afraid. You are very strong but also deeply caring which makes you unafraid to call things out without sugar-coating it. Whether it comes to people who are fake or for the sake of your loved ones who are on the wrong path, you will always make your opinion known, making you wise beyond your years.   





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