Dog Snuck Into Store 5 Times To Pick The Same Unicorn Toy From The Dollar Store, So Animal Services Bought It For Him

Dog Snuck Into Store 5 Times To Pick The Same Unicorn Toy From The Dollar Store, So Animal Services Bought It For Him

The stray dog, Sisu, was only hoping to steal the toy unicorn but in the process stole all our hearts. He has now found a forever home as well.

Dogs have often helped police sniff out and catch thieves. But this adorable dog became a thief himself with a passion to acquire the one object of his affection. A fluffy purple unicorn from the dollar store. The stray dog tried to steal the toy multiple times, five times to be exact, from North Carolina Dollar General store before they called animal control on him. The dog, later named Sisu, got into a lot of trouble for that one toy. He would wait patiently by the exit and sneak in every time a customer opened the door. He then headed to the exact same spot to pick the exact same toy. He didn't care about the snacks or doggy food. He was a doggy with a mission.




"It was so strange, one of the strangest calls I've ever dealt with," Joe Newburn, a supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services told PEOPLE. Observing Sisu he said, "He went straight for the unicorn, the same one every time." The store did not know how to dissuade the dog from coming in and darting for his unlikely stuffed toy companion. They had to lock the door and call animal services to take care of the big dog's antics. Clearly in doggo world, there is no understanding of the concept of money to be able to pay the store. But thankfully, this story takes a turn for the better that might just melt your heart. 




Samantha Lane, the officer who responded to the Dollar General store's call, was so moved with the dog's devotion for the toy unicorn that she bought the $10 toy for him. As expected, the dog was more than ready to leave the store and went out with Lane after being allowed to keep his beloved purple unicorn. He was later taken to the Duplin County Animal Services and here is where he was given the name Sisu after the dragon character in Disney's new film, Raya and the Last Dragon. The animal shelter posted pictures of him on their Facebook page along with his hilarious story and he soon became an online sensation.




In the post, they wrote: "This is what happens when you break into the dollar general consistently to steal the purple unicorn that you laid claim to but then get animal control called to lock you up for your B & E and larceny but the officer purchases your item for you and brings it in with you." Sisu was only hoping to steal the toy unicorn but in the process stole all our hearts as well. He may have just become the most adorable and loved criminal in Kenansville, North Carolina. This is probably why, when put up for adoption, he was immediately taken in by someone the very next day.




The animal services managed to learn about Sisu in his short stay at the shelter. They found that he is "sassy with other dogs and will not tolerate any backtalk" and is very obedient to people. He already knew how to respond to the commands to sit, lay, heel, which suggests that he could have belonged to someone before being turned out to the streets. But his biggest personality trait is that he loves unicorns from dollar stores. People on social media were not only happy that the dog got the toy, they could not help but commend the officer who made it possible.




Lisa Prillaman Preslor commented on the post saying, I'm so glad he got his toy he so desperately wanted! Props to the responding officer for making that fur baby happy and making animal lovers everywhere smile when reading of her kind act! I hope he finds a loving family!

Newburn also explained to People the possible reason for the dog's fascinationw with unicorns. "I don't know of any other reason why he would focus on the unicorn other than he had one at home," Newburn said. "If the store had called and said he tore open dog food, that would make more sense, but not hunting for a purple unicorn."

Because of his popularity, the shelter had a quick photoshoot with Sisu and his unicorn toy. Another Facebook user Alice Paidas wrote, This story brought tears to my eyes. A huge thank you to the officer who was so sweet to buy the unicorn for this pup. He probably had a family at some point:( Unfortunately, a lot of dogs get dumped. This baby was just trying to find some comfort in all of the disappointment:( So happy he has a new family! Thank you to all for making this a happy ending for Sisu!







Cover Image Source: Facebook/Duplin County Animal Services

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