A Strong Woman Will Love Fiercely, But Once She Is Done With You, She Will Move On And Never Look Back

A Strong Woman Will Love Fiercely, But Once She Is Done With You, She Will Move On And Never Look Back

You're not afraid to walk away because you know that the right decisions are often tough to make.

"I deserve better than this."

The moment you say these words to yourself, the strong woman inside you becomes unstoppable. And there is nothing anybody else can then say or do to keep you trapped in a situation that you know is harmful to you.

When you meet someone for the first time, the fiery passion inside you effortlessly comes out, and it doesn't take long for people to see how fiercely you love the people you care about. But there is one thing that you don't compromise on - and that is wanting to be treated with the same respect you give others.

Gone are the days where you thought you needed to please people while putting your own needs on the backburner. Today, you are comfortable in your own skin, and that has given you the courage to stand up for yourself and walk away from someone or something hurting you. And here's why.

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You may fall for it once, but you will never fall for the same lie twice

There are many battles you have already fought and many hurdles from your past that have forced you to grow a thick skin. That's why nobody dares to think they can play games with you because you can't be fooled twice. The moment you realize your trust is broken, you won't fall for the same lies again because you learn from your mistakes and know never to look for love in the same place you lost it.

You have a gentle heart but won't let anyone take it for granted

You are kind but not naive. You will give your everything to a relationship but know where to draw the line. You look for the best in people but know when to put yourself first.

There is no doubt that a strong woman like you is gentle and gracious, but you will not let someone take advantage of you. And because of your kind heart, you might eventually forgive people, but you won't forget the unfulfilled promises and the toxic manipulation that made you leave in the first place.

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You take pride in who you are and won't let anyone belittle you

With confidence in your stride and resilience in your soul, you know your worth and won't settle for anything less than what you deserve. When you see someone disregarding your needs, demeaning you for the person you are, or disrespecting what you have to say, then you are not going to wait around tolerating their vicious ways. You are fiercely independent, and you won't stick around with someone who thinks they can tell you what you can and cannot do.

You can see through excuses when someone fails to meet you halfway

People might have a dozen excuses for not showing up, but you know better than to fall for them. All that you expect is to see someone put the same effort into the relationship that you put. But if they don't, you don't bother listening to their excuses when they can't meet you halfway. When you pour in all your commitment and compassion into a relationship, the least you expect is to see the other person do the same for you, and if you don't get that in return, you are not afraid to prioritize yourself.

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Being a strong woman, you would rather walk alone than have someone with ulterior motives walk beside you. You don't easily break apart, so the moment you feel like you are being disrespected, you know the right thing for you is to leave the relationship rather than try fixing something that cannot be repaired. Moving on might be hard, and it might be something you never thought you would have had to do, but you know that the right decisions are often tough. And with time, you see yourself heal in ways you never imagined.

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