Your Birth Month Reveals What Makes People Fall In Love With You

Your Birth Month Reveals What Makes People Fall In Love With You

There may be plenty of reasons to love you but there's one that got them to fall head over heels for you and your birth month could tell you what it is.

When we look for a romantic partner or friends, we have an idea of what kind of values you want them to have. When you fall in love with them, you might realize that there is one particular trait that appeals to you more than others. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when someone gets to know you, there is one quality of yours that makes them fall hard for you. And your birth month might just have something to do with it. 

Here is what makes someone fall head over heels for you based on your birth month:

1. January

Your caring nature.

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If you were born in January, people are in love with your ability to genuinely care about someone. You can hold a conversation easily with them and they know that you're truly listening to what they have to say. Your thoughtfulness doesn't go unnoticed and others flock to you organically. Being nice to everyone isn't easy (it really isn't), but you somehow pull it off effortlessly. 

2. February

Your natural beauty.

While people might be attracted to your physical beauty at first, they stay hooked because of your inner beauty. You have a dynamic personality and your innate sense of kindness only enhances what people see on the outside. Of course, some might underestimate you because of your appearance until they realize that you've got a strong heart that can handle anything thrown your way. 

3. March

Your authenticity. 

What people see is what they get. You value being not just honest to others but to yourself. You are genuinely good at just being yourself and your refusal to let anyone turn you into a puppet is truly attractive. You aren't afraid of what others might think because only you know the hardships you had to face to get to this point in your life. Your confidence in yourself is inspiring. 

4. April

Your creativity and artistic abilities.

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In a world full of grey, people fall in love with the way you inject color into life. Whether it's into actual pieces of art or just how you tackle obstacles in a way others may not have thought of, your creativity is a draw to others. They also love how you constantly seek new adventures and want to join in because they know they'll have the most beautiful experience with you by their side. 

5. May

Your empathy. 

You have a natural ability to empathize with others and people feel comforted by the way you're able to really see them, sometimes even when they don't want you to. But what pulls them over the line of comfort into feeling safe with you is the fact that they know they can trust you to hold their secrets with respect. They love that you know them even better than they know themselves at times.

6. June

Your charm. 

You can turn heads when you walk into a room and charm the pants off of anyone you start talking to. However, in that charm lies a special quality that makes them fall for you and it has everything to do with making them feel special. Additionally, you are adaptable and flexible, enabling others to find you approachable and warm, something that isn't a very easy trait to come by. 

7. July

Your sense of humor.

Not everyone can make others laugh but you can. And the way you deliver a comic line with confidence and cause others to burst out in giggles or full-bellied laughter can put the hearts into their eyes. Your ability to see the humor in even the drabbest situation can help cheer someone up and make them feel more optimistic. They love you for being able to bring such joy to their life. 

8. August

Your commitment and effort.

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You're the kind of person who will bend over backward for the people you care about. You don't give up on someone when they're facing a tough time and that is what makes them love you so much. Being able to rely on you to be there for them is a comfort they might not be able to get from everyone and they're grateful for it. 

9. September

Your open-mindedness.

In a world where a lot of the time, differences are seen as something to avoid, you are unashamedly willing to be open-minded about situations and people. You see things in a way others cannot and the perspective you provide draws them to you. But it's also the lack of judgment and true acceptance of someone that makes them fall for you very hard. 

10. October

Your strength.

Everyone faces difficulties in life but where some might cave in to the pressure, you don't. You're someone who will pick yourself right back up and move on. And all these experiences only add to your respectful and kind demeanor. People are awed by this side of you and love the way you don't let anything beat you down. They are inspired by how you survive. 

11. November

Your honesty.

You are someone who believes in being honest, sometimes even brutally so. It's a breath of fresh air for people who are so used to being lied to that when you tell them the truth with confidence, they are relieved. They love the fact that they can trust you to ground them in a world of chaos. Not everyone can handle this of course, but your loved ones consider it a sign of your own love. 

12. December 

Your calm and gentle manner. 

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There's an aura about you that exudes calmness. You have a way of relaxing people and even easing tensions in a room. You know just the right things to say and when you do say it, people's hearts beat just a bit faster. But that doesn't mean you're always like this. You also know how to let your hair down, have fun, and energize a crowd. Your balance is near perfect. 

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