50YO Man Made Himself Appear Like A Young, Beautiful Biker Girl To Get More Followers On Social Media & It Worked!

50YO Man Made Himself Appear Like A Young, Beautiful Biker Girl To Get More Followers On Social Media & It Worked!

This young woman is not who she says she is and her fans are impressed by it.

Appearances can always be deceiving. In the world we live in currently, it can be even worse given how technology can make it easy for us to become someone else. And this is the case with one youthful Japanese motorbiker.




On Twitter, the user @azusagakuyuki has nearly 18,000 followers whom "she" updates about her life along with images of her donning a motorcycle jacket or standing with Yamaha bikes, according to the Daily Mail. She often writes about "her" love of "playing around with bikes."




However, as convincing as her pretty biker girl image is, the followers couldn't help notice how, at times, certain features just didn't seem to match with the face. Some noticed the "masculine-looking hairy arm,"  while others noticed one of the mirrors reflecting a man's face in an image shared on 11 February 2021. 

Source: Twitter | @azusagakuyuki


Soon, quite a few began to notice these odd visuals in her updates.




And then came a Japanese entertainment TV show that was itching to see who the person behind the Twitter feed was and the findings left people shocked! It was a 50-year-old man with long and luscious locks. His reveal came in the "ultimate catfish" moment when he pulled off his bike helmet and shocked crew members. 




The middle-aged man who managed to convince his thousands of followers that he was a young girl, Zonggu, said that he used photo editing applications, like FaceApp, to portray a "younger beautiful woman" to the world because he thought no one would want to see an "uncle." And it worked! The face tuning allowed him to garner a huge fan base and some just assumed that he was a girl who did a little editing to make herself look "more beautiful." 

Zonggu said he put in so much effort because he wanted to increase the engagement on his posts and believed that people would rather do it for a pretty face. But he certainly enjoyed the process of beautifying his face as well as the likes he got for his posts. He informed the TV show that he liked being an "online celebrity." Many of his followers were also impressed that he did such a "great job" of turning himself into "such a cute girl."




"His hair is so luscious it's worth the clickbait," joked one person while many women shared the sentiment that "this dude looks prettier than me." "And everyone believed it. That's the best catfish ever," commented one. However, for some people, this catfishing has only made their beliefs in people worse. "My trust issues have been upgraded," said a user. 




Cover image source: Twitter | (L) @azusagakuyuki (R) penanam anggur

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