7 Types Of Men Who Will Painfully Regret Losing a Good Woman

7 Types Of Men Who Will Painfully Regret Losing a Good Woman

Caring women are often taken for granted by their partners. It's only when she leaves her significant other for good, do they realize how good they had it.

While you understand that relationships take effort, you may look back at some of them and wonder if they were really worth all the hard work and commitment you put into them. But you take those as an experience to learn from and have probably moved on. The man you left behind, on the other hand, is probably questioning — possibly with regret — whether letting you leave was a big mistake that he's realizing a little too late. After all, it isn't until after you're gone that he understands that a good woman who chose to love him should have been treated better.

Here are seven kinds of men who would regret losing a good woman:  

1. The one who believed you couldn't survive without him

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In a relationship, if a man has an inflated ego and sense of self or thinks his partner to be on lesser footing than him, often believes that the woman needs him to be happy and that she can't do anything without him. You could have been the most independent woman who was more than capable of solving her own issues and he still would have assumed that he was the center of your world. It's taken a while but he's finally realizing just how wrong he was to do so. 

2. The one who couldn't keep a promise... ever

When a man is unable to keep even the most simple promises repeatedly, he might think that you don't matter enough or is unsure of the relationship. Every time he broke a promise, he showed you just how much he was taking for granted. It could be possible that all the great promises he told you were just to keep you interested but you don't need to deal with that B.S. You have people in your life that would actually value you. For you, the end of this relationship might have brought you happiness but the same cannot be said for him. 

3. The one who thought you were naive and mistook your kindness for weakness

Many men might believe that they are superior to women, and this man is no different. He might have considered you to be too immature to even hear you out. He didn't respect your voice, even when it was to his benefit; he ridiculed and insulted you for even trying. Even worse was when he foolishly thought that just because you overlooked his rudeness, you didn't have the strength to stand up for yourself. Little did he know just how much strength you had until you walked out of the relationship with your head held high. He's probably regretting it big time.  

4. The one who tried to emotionally manipulate you

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There are some men who like to control their partners and emotional manipulation is one way. He dismissed your feelings like they were nothing, and despite giving him your all, he didn't reciprocate. He may have even tried to make you feel guilty for something that wasn't your fault, just so he could control you. He may or may not have known the impact of the emotional rollercoaster he was putting you through, but that didn't stop him. So when you had enough of his terrible treatment, you walked out. And now without you, he struggles with his own turmoil. 

5. The one who puts everyone else above you every. single. time.

It didn't bother you when your partner put someone else's first, but when this happens, again and again, it's a sure sign that he doesn't prioritize you. No matter how much you made sure he was on the top of your list, even replacing many of your other important priorities, it was always someone else he had to be with when all you wanted to do was spend time with him. He was never there when you needed him, and when you walked out, he realized just how much you cared and that not everyone else was going to be there for him the way you did. 

6. The one who took your love for granted

Men may often mistake the showering of affection and love as something that is a given instead of something that needs to be reciprocated. Even while you put in the effort to make him feel loved, valued, safe, and supported him when he needed it, he didn't do the same. So now that you're gone, he regrets assuming that the love and genuine feelings you poured into him were easy to come by and didn't need work on his part. 

7. The one who thought you'd wait forever

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It's no surprise that a strong woman certainly has an abundance of patience after years of experience and heartbreak. Yet he didn't seem to think that this was a quality to be cherished, valued, and respected; instead, he continued to take you for granted. You may have waited for this to change, or for him to come to his senses and see what's right in front of him. Yet he failed to do so. But even you have only so much patience before moving on to something infinitely better. You're done and he regrets it when you are no longer in his life. 

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