Here Is What You Value The Most In A Relationship Based On Your Birth Month

Here Is What You Value The Most In A Relationship Based On Your Birth Month

Sometimes, we unconciously seek certain qualities in our partners and our birth months may just help identify them.

When it comes to relationships, we all look for certain traits that we value above all else in the connection we have with our partners. While for some it may be loyalty, for some others it may be trust, and for others still, it could be romance. And your birth month could reveal what that trait is, even if you may not have consciously known it. 

1. January 

Value: Loyalty

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For you, loyalty is of the utmost importance. You don't just pick anyone to be your partner. You look for someone you can trust and when that person comes along, you tend to give your all to that relationship. You're loyal to that bond and it's one of the most attractive things about you. You're willing to drop everything for your loved one but should your partner break that bond by being disloyal, you will walk away without a thought, no matter how much it may hurt. 

2. February 

Value: Romance

Apropos of the month of love, you look for a healthy dose of romance in your relationship. You enjoy the courting and even if you've been with your partner for a long time, you love those spontaneous dates, the flowers, the little gestures and more, that remind you of the love you share with them. That doesn't mean you don't also feel comforted by a set routine where you and your partner have synchronicity that comes with lots of time spent together. 

3. March

 Value: Excitement

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You're someone who enjoys taking risks and living in the moment. So when it comes to a relationship, you want your partner to be able to do take the same journeys with you and enjoy the high-adrenaline moments. You want to be able to make memories that can keep you warm on the rainy days as you cuddle with your significant other. However, just as flighty as you may seem, to only those you love will you show the side of you that knows how to be grounded and stable. 

4. April

Value: Quality time

You're someone who knows how to be fiercely independent and aren't afraid to show it. You want a partner who understands and respects it but also makes the effort to spend quality time with you. You want to be able to come home to them and just relax with them, even if it doesn't involve having a conversation. However, a partner who either clings to you or is too distant all the time is someone you don't want to waste time or effort on. 

5. May

Value: Communication

For you, it's all about talking it out. You're not the type to judge someone and you value your partner being open with you. Communication is key. Even if there are fights, you're the type who would like to sort it out rather than go to bed angry. You don't believe in shutting your partner out because sharing your emotions is essential to building a strong bond. However, if your partner doesn't offer you the same courtesy despite being understanding about it, you may feel like the relationship isn't going anywhere. 

6. June

Value: Humor

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As someone who enjoys finding the joy in life, no matter what hardships you may face, you want someone who can make you laugh when you're feeling low or just knows how to be silly. You look for a partner who also matches your own wit. Of course, you don't expect them to constantly be that way because as humans, we all have our low days. But you value a relationship that balances fun and seriousness well. 

7. July

Value: Understanding

You may be someone who tends to be sensitive and emotional, even overtly so. But it's not a bad thing, especially when you find someone who knows how to help you manage the intensity of your emotions when you just don't feel like doing it yourself. You look for a partner who understands that side of you and is your rock without trying to change you. Of course, tempers may occasionally flare and things may be said, but you know you're in a healthy relationship when you both take the time to hear each other out and come to a compromise. 

8. August 

Value: Real listening

You know that your feelings and emotions are as valid as anyone else's. So in a relationship, you value when your partner really listens to what you're saying without dismissing it as too emotional or too frantic. You would do the same for them which is why you expect it from your significant other. There may be times when that doesn't happen and misunderstandings take place. However, you know you've found the right partner when they take the effort to clear them by listening to you the way you do them. 

9. September 

Value: Practicality

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Being the organized person that you are, you prefer to be in a relationship with someone who shows their love through practical ways too. That includes sharing in chores, being organized, solving important issues and other ways that can benefit both of you in the long run. After all, it's also how you operate. However, that doesn't mean that you don't engage in letting down your hair and having some fun. In many ways, you can be the life of the party too and you value someone who gets both sides of you. 

10. October

Value: Individuality

You're someone who has worked hard to build your identity as an individual. So when you look for a partner, you seek someone who can maintain their own personality while being able to meld with yours. You want to be able to have engaging discussions about various things while finding things to do together. You don't want a "yes" person or someone who doesn't make the effort to share their own opinions. It's all about finding that balance between being your own person while allowing yourself to be one with your partner. 

11. November 

Value: True effort

When you get into a relationship, you don't hesitate to give it your all. Your love is always 100% and you want your partner to put in that same hard work and commitment that you do into making a solid bond. Whether it's in good times or in bad, you are there for your loved one and it's not an unreasonable request to ask the same of your partner. However, just because you love completely doesn't mean you have blind devotion for a partner who isn't doing the same and you will leave if you feel like it's a one-sided effort on your part. 

12. December

Value: Passion

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You love romance as much as the next person, but what you value in a relationship is the physical intimacy that comes with being with your partner. You want a partner who isn't afraid to be passionate, especially in the bedroom. Being adventurous and creative in bed is an important factor for you. But it's not just about taking a walk on the wild side. The tight hugs, the loving kisses, the fun mock tussles... for you, they're a sign of love and you won't settle for less.

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