Woman Posts Pic Of Funny Optical Illusion That Turned Her Cute Bikini Pic Into An X-Rated Photo

Woman Posts Pic Of Funny Optical Illusion That Turned Her Cute Bikini Pic Into An X-Rated Photo

As soon as the TikToker shared it, many flocked to check out the hilarious picture and get in on the joke.

When it comes to optical illusions, there are some that are intentional and meant to stimulate your brain. However, there are some that just find their way through, making you believe that fate or destiny has a way better sense of humor than imaginable. And that is what happened to one TikToker whose handle is @madimarotta

In a video Madi Marotta posted, she shared a picture of herself in a two-piece bikini and explained that she had wanted to get a "cute" picture in it while at Miami, Florida's South Beach. However, she didn't realize that because of another woman, her photo quickly escalated to naughty. She said, "I tried to take a cute pic on South Beach and this lady’s arm makes me look like my peen is hanging out. Enjoy."

Source: TikTok | @madimarotta


The unintentional photo bomb by the arm of another unassuming beach goer got the attention of numerous netizens and the video went viral, racking up more than 757,000 likes and 22.6k shares. Some people even labeled her video the "best TikTok I've seen." With the hilarity that ensued, users were quick to offer their opinions on her story. One said, "I WASN'T EXPECTING IT TO BE THAT BAD," while another wrote, "I just laughed out loud." One user joked, "Reminder: don't take pictures in front of people's arms. Ok, got it." One person even offered to Photoshop the arm out so Madi could have her "cute" picture as she imagined it would be. Some people suggested captions; one stood out: "Just hanging out on the beach."

In videos posted later, the woman mentioned that she had posted the original picture on Instagram just to see if anyone took notice of the rather sketchy optical illusion. Her fears were confirmed when "within five seconds," a number of her friends texted her to point out the detail. Hence, she deleted it from her page. But it is certainly a relief that she decided to take it to TikTok so that others could have a good laugh and let it brighten up their day. 

Of course, this is not the first time a picture captured at just the right moment has produced some hilarious results. Check out five other illusions that will make you do a double take:

1. Been working on my biceps, man.

Source: Reddit

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3. Either he was shot out of a cannon or he's learned how to completely blend with nature.

Source: Reddit

4. Pink is definitely his color.

Source: Reddit

5. What did I just see?

Source: Reddit




Cover image source: TikTok | @madimarotta

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