Dreading What You Can Gift That D!ckhead Of A Friend? These Customized Cushions Can Drive Home The Message

Dreading What You Can Gift That D!ckhead Of A Friend? These Customized Cushions Can Drive Home The Message

The cushion is available for just $41.84

Gifting someone who could be a total d*ckheads is never an easy task. Unless, the perfect gift was specifically created to drive home the message. Full-time "funny-cushion-makers" Snugzy have come up with a new product that has thought about that one person in mind. Their product "d*ickhead cushion" is a penis-shaped cushion that can be gifted to someone with their face on it. 

The website states that anyone can upload a high-resolution picture and buy a penis cushion with a desired face on it. "We all know a dick head, maybe it's your bestie or just someone you have a love-hate relationship with. Well, you can now turn yourself or that someone into truly our most unique Snugzy—the penis Snugzy! For when words just aren't enough! Just upload a high-quality image and our team will do the rest! Note: Please ensure you upload a photo of your full face and don't worry we'll match the skin tone as per the face upload :)," stated the website.

Source: Snugzy Website

Meanwhile, these customized cushions are not a cheap gift. The product is priced at $41.84. However, the price is undoubtedly worth your friend's priceless expression. The testimonies on the website is a guarantee for that. 

"Came out even funnier than I expected!" said Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Another customer, Ellen Howe, stated that the quality of the cushion is "amazing." Stewart Brown added, "Brilliant brought this for my husband he absolutely loves it." 

Source: Snugzy Website

Meanwhile, there are other products that are quite similar to these cushions. One such popular gifting option is the handmade penile scarves sold on Etsy by KnotYouKnitworks. The product is priced at $50. Those willing to pay an extra $2.50 can add detachable white drips. The scarves come with pockets for your belongings. 

Source: Etsy

There is yet another option if you want to spice up your gifts with a heavy dose of humor—penis-shaped slippers. Pierre The Penis Slippers will not only keep your feet warm but will bring a smile or chuckle when the person looks down at their feet. This footwear by Firebox is described as "cozy cuddly penises" for your foot. The caution on the product warns you not to "tread on the balls too much" because you guessed it, "they're sensitive". 

Source: Firebox

Firebox also has a Penis Hot Water Bottle in salmon pink color. The website describes it as the "naughtiest way to keep warm." The bottle priced at $18 a piece measures 60cm in height, 39.6cm in width, and 3.8cm in diameter. The cozy 4-foot long penis pillow on the website might also interest you. 


Cover Image | Source: Snugzy

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