Father Dying Of Cancer Stayed Alive Just Long Enough To Hold His Newborn | That Was The First & Last Time They Met

Father Dying Of Cancer Stayed Alive Just Long Enough To Hold His Newborn | That Was The First & Last Time They Met

He was his daughters' superhero and he proved it until his last breath as he refused to give up until he had his newborn girl in his hands.

Watching a loved one suffer through disease can be heartbreaking, especially when it's cancer. It can break people, families, and relationships yet those patients refuse to succumb to despair. They pool all their remaining strength to experience one final special moment. And that is what viewers got to see when an episode of a British TV series showed one of the greatest examples of a father's love.

In a special episode by the charity Stand Up To Cancer, the story outlined the traumatizing effects of cancer on the patient as well as their loved ones. One such patient was Brett, a father-of-three with a brain tumor, who was living his last moments while holding his third child for the first time. In the episode, his struggles with the disease before succumbing to it in 2019 moved viewers to tears. But what especially pulled on heartstrings was his determination to meet his third baby. 

The couple, Brett and Nicola, had started their love story as friends before realizing there was more to them than just a friendship. Before long, they got married and soon after, they became parents to two beautiful daughters. "He really enjoyed being a dad...he was such a good dad," Nicola said.  One of his little girls recalled how they used to spend time going to a farm, feeding animals, or jumping on a bouncy cushion. "It made me really happy," she said. "But, then he got poorly."

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At first, Nicola noticed that he was beginning to change but given that he brushed it off, they went back to normal. Until in 2015, during a doctor's visit, Brett was told that he had a brain tumor. The devastated wife said, "We sat down with his neurologist and they went through the extremes of what the surgery could lead to." They were informed that surgery could end in one of two ways—removal of the tumor or death. "We almost started to panic and they took as much of the tumor away as they could. When the tumor grew back, when I was pregnant with Arya (third child), it was more aggressive. It couldn't be operated on," she said, according to Metro UK.

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Three months after the tumor was diagnosed as inoperable, Nicola went into labor with their third child. But while she was having contractions, Brett had a seizure and had to be rushed to a hospital's accident and emergency department in Buckinghamshire, England. After giving birth to another daughter, all the mother wanted to do was get to Brett before he was gone so that he could hold his final baby girl just one time. "It was like a race against time to make sure we were ok but could get going [to the hospital he was in]," Nicola said, according to The Daily Mail. She mentioned that hospital staff did their best to make sure she could reach in time.

Nicola's mother, who was at her side in the hospital, drove her daughter and her newborn to the father-of-three. "I knew what was gonna happen and I wanted him to know that it was ok. I told him it's ok, don't hurt yourself anymore," said Nicola. Thankfully, she made it in time, laid her newborn baby girl, Arya, on Brett, and described her appearance. That was the first and last time that the father was able to meet his newborn. Spending some hours together, he passed away knowing that he was close to her.

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She was born at 5:07 a.m. on February 11, 2019, while he passed away at 8:25 a.m. His older two daughters believe that their dad, who used to be their "superhero handsome prince," is sending them feathers to let them know he's watching over them. 

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